African Impact are an educational travel company that has been offering developmental programmes, including service-learning programmes, volunteering, internships and expeditions across Africa for over 15 years.

We started in 2004 when a handful of well-travelled people sat around a table in the heart of the Zimbabwean wilderness. With backgrounds in tourism, development and conservation, they knew they wanted to do something great. They wanted to use their passion and skills to start a travel company that made a difference. They wanted to introduce people to the Africa they knew. The people. The wildlife. The magic.

It didn’t take long to see that there were a lot more people like us. People who wanted to travel while truly experiencing a country at its best, and worst. People who wanted to genuinely connect with the local people and to leave a place better than they found it. We grew and opened new projects in new countries across southern Africa.

We’ve learned that if a community has total buy-in and ownership of a project – and a student is truly informed about their own role and contribution to this – experiential travel has the power to transform both a community and a young person. We look to combining genuine impacts with extraordinary experiences.

Our story isn’t over, we haven’t even scratched the surface. We’re excited to welcome you on our journey.

We run ethical and sustainable projects across Africa.

Our projects, which are run full time and year- round are developed alongside local communities to ensure the work we do is ethical, responsible, and relevant to the needs of these
communities. Our teams live and work alongside these communities, which allows us to offer sustainable and transformative experiences that provide real value where it is most needed.

Our educational programme, facilitated by live, interactive calls from our teams in Africa, allows the students to develop and implement ideas to support our project aims. Students can stay engaged with the projects long term.

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Coastline view of Table Mountain

Our Impact Areas






Gender Equality