How can we make Experiential learning for all?

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Over the last couple of years our world’s have all become insular, close, local. We have found new parts of our local neighbourhoods.

Travelling to the next town became an adventure. Despite this inward-looking focus, we have also been more interconnected globally more than ever before. All affected by the same disease, making the same sacrifices and trying to solve the same problem. We have shown our resilience, while craving the return of in –class education, travel and social interaction.

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Of course, for those of us in the educational travel sector, our world’s and our businesses stood still. We waited. We faced an existential crisis.

How do we make educational travel better?  How can we connect young people with the world with purpose, with value and sustainably, all while making it accessible for all.

These are the questions we have asked ourselves and, in response, we have developed our Global Awareness Programme, which is delivered in the classroom and online.

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Students work through case studies on generational issues, such as the environment and gender equality. This educational programme then connects young people with our permanent bases across Africa, where they address real-world scenarios.  Schools and students can connect via our in -class programme, engage with our communities, understand their issues and help us address them.  We hope that by delivering this programme in the classroom, it offers students authentic, positive experiences and enables the life-long learning outcomes to be available to all.

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This programme is about students’ problem solving, collaborating, understanding global issues and dealing with real-world scenarios.

This is what our communities, our organisations and our world needs. As the world has shown us in recent years – we need active global citizens.

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