IB and Middle Years Programmes

IB and Middle Years Programmes

Our Global Awareness Programme, for schools, is an educational course where  students connect with our projects in Africa.  They work with our team of experts on real-world scenarios, which aims to develop students understanding of global citizenship and global issues such as equality and sustainability. 

They can learn from and collaborate with our team of specialists, via live interactive calls, who live and work across these permanent bases, allowing students to learn through experience. 

The Programme lends itself to the MYP Curriculum as it complements the Individuals and Societies subject group. The Global Awareness Programme encourages learners to respect and understand the world around them. With a focus on Sustainable Development in Africa, the programme encourages learners, both students and teachers, to consider globalisation and sustainability in a global context. 

The programme is broken down into lesson plans, which are delivered in-class and online.


  1. Contact us to discuss programme in more detail
  2. Choose topics and themes to study
  3. On payment, modules are made available to your school
  4. Students work through modules 1-3 
  5. Modules 4, 6 and 7 are interactive calls with our teams in Africa.
  6. Students work through modules 5, 8 and 9 as a group

Because we run all our own projects, we can offer programmes with quality and purpose which contribute to our long-term goals and outcomes across Africa.  Our team of experts will deliver elements of the course via live, interactive calls from Africa.  

Our projects have been developed alongside local communities to ensure the work we do is sustainable, responsible, and relevant to the needs of these communities. 

Students can also visit the communities in Africa, should the school choose the travel element of the programme.