IB and CAS Programmes

IB and CAS Programmes

Our Global Awareness Programme, for schools, is an educational course which aims to develop students understanding of citizenship and global issues such as equality and sustainability, as well as developing cultural understanding, curiosity and a desire to become a responsible global citizen. 

The programme complements the CAS element of the IB Diploma Programme, as it is designed to enable students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through experience.  

It can be delivered in the classroom and/or in Africa.

The Programme requires students to be inquirers, open-minded, communicators and thinkers and complements the CAS element of the IB Diploma Programme.  It is an ideal CAS project as the students will need to show initiative and perseverance and will use skills such as collaboration, problem solving and decision making. 

Because we run all our own projects, we can offer programmes with quality and purpose which contribute to our long-term goals and outcomes across Africa.  Our team of experts will deliver elements of the course via live, interactive calls from Africa.  

Our projects have been developed alongside local communities to ensure the work we do is sustainable, responsible, and relevant to the needs of these communities.  

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