Rabat is the capital of Morocco and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, tradition meets modernity, East meets West. Rabat is a beautiful city of unique neighborhoods and strong communities, strewn with royal mausoleums, a grand palace, countless mosques, ancient walls and fortresses, beautiful beaches and stunning gardens.

Students will have the opportunity to explore the cultural differences they experience, consider their own identities and discuss what they learn along the journey, with the goal of developing educated, compassionate global citizens

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  • Location: Zanzibar
  • Airport: Abeid Amani Karume International Airport
  • Available: Year round
  • Impact: Community and Youth Development, Marine conservation and Environmental Sustainability
  • Accommodation: You will stay in a private beach house surrounded by white sandy beaches that has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

The best time to visit Zanzibar is from January to March and June to December when the temperature is warm and there is limited rainfall. The highest average temperature in Jambiani is 30°C in March and the lowest is 27°C in June

Programme Focus


The program is based in Rabat, Morocco. Rabat’s physical beauty is complemented by the cosmopolitan nature of the local population and reinforced by the languages and diversity of the people. In this politically stable location, students will have the opportunity to understand the perspectives and identities of the diverse people of Morocco.

From Muslim to Jewish, nomadic desert dwellers to cosmopolitan students in the city, and influences from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, Morocco is a fascinating location to study culture, identity and diversity.

Learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and learn how we can support these goals locally via community engagement.


Working with the local high school, we will join in classes, organize and engage in enriching activities such as workshops and seminars, helping with English language and other activities that will help us get to know local students and learn about their way of life.

At the same time, we will share information about ourselves, and what our lives look like, as we exchange our cultural experiences.  

Head to the Rif Mountains and explore Chefchoaun, the blue city! 

Accommodation in Rabat is in a comfortable riad, a traditional Moroccan house, with a courtyard. Students will reside in shared rooms of 3-5 people (single gender) and the staff leaders will have private rooms. Rooms are furnished with beds and wardrobes. The Riad has a welcoming common living room and a kitchen where meals will be prepared. There is Wi-Fi available for use as well. The Riad is located inside the medina, the old section of Rabat, in a relaxed, friendly, and safe environment.  

Sample Morocco Itinerary

This itinerary is a sample and is subject to change 5 , 7 and 14 day itineraries also available on request,






Day 1

Departure, Arrival and Settling in Day. 

You will be met on arrival and transferred to Rabat 

 Settle into your accommodation.  Local orientation around Rabat 

Cooking Class for Dinner! 

Day 2

Cultural Immersion Day

Arabic Lessons

Guest speaker from Amazeigh (Berber) group, to learn about the History of these indigenous people. 

Prepare for Service Learning by learning about the UN SDG’s and specifically Goal 4 which is about access to education. African Impact Education will provide materials. 

Day 3

Service Learning. 

Today the focus will be on Access to Education.  Students will visit a local school and hear from local teenagers about their education and any barriers they face to education. 

Visit Hasan Tower and the local Bazaar 

SDG5, Gender Equality

Day 4

Service Learning

The focus this morning will be on Gender equality. Students will share personal experiences with local teenagers and discuss how they can impact their own communities

This afternoon students will look at SDG 13, Climate Action and the impact of Climate change on local communities. How does this affect their communities, their livelihoods and their future. 

SDG 17 

Day 5

Service Learning 

Visit the local school again this morning

Head to the local beach this afternoon 

Quiz Night

Day 6


Travel to Chefchouan, in the Rif Mountains. Approx 5 hrs

Arrive, Settle in and Hike briefing from local guide 

Learn about SDG 15, Life on Land and how this specifically relates to the Rif Mountains 

Day 7


Hike to Akchour Waterfalls 

Hike to Akchour Waterfalls 

Movie Night 

Day 8


Guided Tour of Chefchouan. Known as the ‘Blue Pearl’ of Morocco, because of its fantastic blue houses and streets. 

Tour of Chefchouan. Visit the Spanish Mosque, shop in the medina and wander the blue streets! 

Visit a local restaurant for a traditional Moroccan dinner 

Day 9


Morning in Chefchouan 

Travel back to Rabat 

Review Session and Presentation 

Day 10

Departure Day 



Arrive Home 

Price Inclusions


  • International flights  
  • Pre departure support   
  • Meet and greet on arrival 
  • Local Coordinator available throughout 
  • Airport pick up and drop off 
  • Private transport 
  • All meals    
  • 8 x nights’ accommodation.  
  • Students in private dorms. 
  • Staff in single private rooms. 
  • Project management and materials 
  • Service Learning program 
  • Cooking Classes 
  • Arabic Lesson 
  • Amazeigh guest speaker 
  • Hasan Tower visit 
  • Content from our Global Awareness Programme on Gender Equality and the UN SDG’s. 
  • Trekking guide 
  • All other excursions outlined in the itinerary 
  • Free staff costs 
  • Transport to and from the airport in home country 
  • Medical/Travel Insurance 
  • Visas where necessary 
  • COVID PCR Tests, if necessary for unvaccinated travellers