The Global Awareness Programme aims to deliver life-long learning outcomes and critical thinking skills. These outcomes include:

Understanding of Global Issues:
Students will be heavily involved with our projects, which aim to support long term issues in the developing world. 

Problem Solving:
Students will produce ideas to help with real world issues in the developing world.


Students will need to commit to the length of the programme, to gain the full benefit. 

Cultural Understanding:
Students work alongside local communities in Africa. 

Interpersonal skills:
Students will need to work with their peers at school and in Africa, African Impact staff, community elders and local community staff. 

Working as a team:
Students will need to work as a team to assess, achieve and review their impact. 

Students will work alongside local communities in Africa and African Impact staff to achieve their goals. 

Throughout the programme, students should be able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Development:
Students will need to assess the best way they can contribute to the overall team objectives. 

Students will travel from home to visit communities in Africa. They will be challenged by being away from home comforts, technology and immersing themselves in a different culture and environment.

Presentation skills:
Students will present their programme conclusions in school.