The Curriculum

The programme is delivered via in-class lesson plans and via a virtual classroom, in the form of live calls with our permanent bases

To request sample in-class lesson plans please get in touch via [email protected] or the Contact us Page.

The Programme curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction to Global Development
Overview: What does Global Development mean? What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Module 2: Sustainable Development in Africa
Overview: Module focuses on Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability case studies in Africa

Module 3: Climate Change
Overview: Module focuses on Climate change and the impact on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Module 4: Developing Understanding
Overview: Learn about destinations and programs to support.

Module 5 : Finding collaborative Solutions
Overview: Engage with our teams in Africa, via a live, interactive video call in Africa. Our team will discuss a specific issue the project currently has and begin a discussion about how students can support the community

Module 6 : Project Development
Overview: Students work together to develop ideas and potential solutions

Module 7: Action Plan
Overview: Present your ideas to our team in Africa.Or visit us in country!

Module 8: Feedback
Overview: Receive updates from our bases and review your work, learnings and impact.

Module 9: Conclusions and presentation
Overview: Present your impact and learnings as a group.

Module 10: Self- Reflection
Overview: Personal learnings from the programme

Module 11. (optional) Ongoing engagement with the project via social media and volunteering
Overview: On Completion of the programme, students will receive a certificate.